It’s our time to flourish.

Today is a new day for the LGBTQ+ community. Where we once saw fear, we now see hope. Where we once saw uncertainty, we now see confidence. All of us together can build a better world for the LGBTQ+ community. A world where every individual can live a more fulfilling life with access to professional resources, information, guidance, meaningful connections and a greater sense of community. We need this. We deserve this.

We are looking for investors and partners with a commitment to meaningful change for the LGBTQ+ community and financial returns. We are looking for you. We are You:Flourish.

About You:Flourish

WELL. By the power of YOU.

Created, curated and supported by a respected nonprofit organization focused on the LGBTQ+ community, You:Flourish is a Public Benefit Corporation balancing purpose and profit with the goal to bring wellness and affirming resources to LGBTQ+ folks across the country.

You:Flourish is the brainchild of the nonprofit Envision:You, an organization that addresses the mental health and well-being of the LGBTQ+ community.

How does Envision:You help?

Educate the Community
Encourage Recovery
Enhance Resources
Expand Training

The App


We have the app for that.

You:Flourish is a tailored wellness platform crafted by an award-winning, woman-owned software development company, alongside a dedicated team of passionate mental health professionals. Its aim is to empower our community toward a more enriched and thriving life. Confronting significant barriers, it connects users with vetted mental health and healthcare professionals, validating their identity and experiences. You:Flourish fosters peer support for shared identities and lived experiences, forging meaningful connections. Additionally, it offers curated content for our well-being by community members. You:Flourish encompasses all this and more.

Resource Directory

Find expert-vetted, community informed and identify relevant resources.

Peer Support Community

Build your support network, share resources and encourage others to stay on track with their wellness goals.

Wellness Hub

Track daily wellness practices, access interactive content and earn rewards for engagement.


You:Flourish is the only app of its kind. The only one.

Our profit motives are dually focused. While we are primarily committed to wellness, we are also committed to making a return for our investors and ensuring sustainable revenue for our founding nonprofit organization. These are our core performance metrics, and the way we measure a return on investment.

Through your investment and partnership, you will make a positive impact on our community. It’s more than long-term returns and a profit margin. With your investment in You:Flourish, you will change the world. With one app. One life at a time.

This is why we need you to partner with us on this venture.
We need you to join our mission to make a difference in the lives of millions of LGBTQ+ individuals. Invest in this effort to help a great community experience a greater tomorrow.


Holistic WELLNESS for
everyone in our community. Everyone.

We provide hope, healing and wellness through providers who understand your unique life experience, while encouraging healthy lifestyle choices and meaningful personal connection. You:Flourish is a place to find community, support, motivation and your authentic self.

As the only digital wellness app connecting all of us, we will have healthier, more fulfilling lives. Imagine a world where you go from surviving to thriving. With You:Flourish, you can do this!


said they would use a vetted resource directory to find a mental health provider.

OMNI Institute. Colorado LGBTQ+ Behavioral Health State of the State Survey Report. Envision:You, 2021.

than half

of LGBTQ+ adults live with a mental health or substance use disorder. They are also
3X more likely to have anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

National Survey on Drug Use and Health. SAMHSA. 2019.


of transgender individuals have attempted suicide in their lifetime. 40%!

The Report of the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey. National Center for Transgender Equality. 2016.


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We are the first CONNECTION
to so many more.

Let’s connect with each other. Are you ready to make a significant contribution to help the LGBTQ+ community experience a life they deserve? Please complete the following form, and let’s start a conversation soon.

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    Resources for YOU.

    Everyone is respected at You:Flourish as an individual. But no individual is ever alone. We understand it is important to connect with organizations who understand our community. The following partners are resources to expand reach and give our community what they need.

    Exciting news! You:Flourish is officially live!

    It’s the first wellness platform created by and for the LGBTQ+ community. Visit to register, or click the link below.

    Gain access to a wealth of resources tailored to support your mental health and well-being. Access to the platform is free for the first year. Connect with vetted mental health and healthcare providers, find support from like-minded peers, and explore a wellness hub centered around crucial social determinants of health.